Importance of the Fruit Flies

Those pesky kitchen pests have helped us out more than you may think!

You’ve swatted them from your food and may have killed a handful inside of traps, but did you know that fruit flies are actually very genetically similar to us? We’ve got a lot to thank them for, and today, we learn why.

Image: fruit flies on an orange

Because of these gene similarities, scientists have been able to study these tiny beings and learn more about how our human bodies work! Here’s a video all about if from KQED San Francisco’s Deep Look

It’s pretty amazing how we’re all connected, isn’t it? We can learn so much about ourselves and our world by simply studying the other species that inhabit it.

So, what other creatures have we learned from? For starters, we’re discovering how to more efficiently design our world from the master designer itself: nature. Take a look at how biomimicry is changing how we develop solutions in this article!

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